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Our Vision 

To raise Industry standards providing a professional, self managed and fully supported TSCO service to the Traffic Management, Highways and Construction Industry. 

What makes us different?

To support the full suite of Professional Services on offer from Virtus, TSCO Managed Services was established to provide our clients with professional delivery of an all-inclusive Traffic Safety & Control Officer service.

Our dedicated client facing TSCO Project Manager will ensure you are provided with a highly trained and experienced professional, and also receive the necessary support to fulfil your project needs with the reassurance of a self-managed, self-audited and fully supported service. 


To stand out from the competition our TSCO Managed Service includes the following dedicated support:


  • Single point of contact from our Client Facing Project Manager

  • Self-auditing service provision to ensure compliance and site assurance

  • Management of shift rotation and site cover

  • Professionally qualified and experienced TSCOs

  • High spec TSCO vehicles afforded with CCTV monitoring equipment

  • TSCO Bodycams

  • IT equipment with paperless reporting system capability

  • Additional support provided from the many services on offer from the UK’s leading Traffic Management          

  • Professional Services Business



TSCO Managed Services Process



Engage with us early


Manage shift rotation 

and site cover


Review project scope


Audit TSCOs regularly and provide client feedback


Implement  TSCO service


Become your first choice professional TSCO supplier


Provide dedicated 

TSCO Manager


Repeat business on 

future projects

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