For every project with a Highway Interface, regardless of its size, complexity or geographical location, Virtus Traffic Management Solutions Ltd should be your first choice delivery partners. From the outset, we can provide Bid Support Services offering completely impartial analysis of your project with a clear concise quantitative evaluation. This can be followed by detailed planning and design, ensuring you have exactly the right tools to execute a safe, compliant and efficient project. 


We also offer the option of employing us to deliver a scheme providing a Full Time Management Team, safe in the knowledge that our methods are built on Experience, Professionalism, Quality and above all Safety.











From Project Conception to Scheme Handover

Support ~ Planning ~ Management




Maximise Quality Bid Submission opportunities with a comprehensive Temporary Traffic Management Plan


In this highly competitive market stay one step ahead of the competition and maximise your point scoring opportunities by engaging Virtus Traffic Management Solutions Ltd to undertake the Temporary Traffic Management Plan for you. 


As an Independent Consultancy we offer a wide range of services which enable you to provide a robust and detailed Temporary Traffic Management Plan as part of your submission, gaining confidence with clients, stakeholders and overseeing authorities, who could all have an input into the selection/scoring process.

​We can undertake work on all manner of Temporary Traffic Management projects regardless of size, complexity, value or location.


Our Quality Bid Submission Service contains:

  • An initial consultation meeting to review Temporary Traffic Management tender documents

  • A site visit on clients behalf to assess site specific requirements

  • Options Reports assessing the requirements of all ad-on packages such as Temporary Road Markings, Vehicle Restraint  Barriers, CCTV and Speed Cameras

  • Provision of Specific Design, Descriptive Methodology and Phasing Documentation

  • And a Bill of Quantities allowing you to obtain consistent, accurate prices from your TTM Sub Contractors.

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Our Consultation and Planning service has a proven track record as a Project Value Engineering tool. Challenging the norm, encouraging safety in design and generating cost/time efficiencies during project development is our specialism. In addition to this our experience in Stakeholder Management, informing the public and maintaining excellent public relations throughout the project design and development stage is another area we have proved to excel.

With a thorough understanding and working knowledge of all Industry associated legislation and guidance, as well as vast experience in Project Management, Operations & Delivery, we can provide clear, concise assistance, ensuring a right first time approach to your Highway Construction Plans.

  • Initial consultation meeting to review Temporary Traffic Management Tender Documents

  • Site visit to assess site specific requirements and constraints

  • Provision of CCTV site survey

  • Options Reports assessing the requirements of all ad-on packages such as Temporary Road Markings, Vehicle Restraint Barriers, CCTV, Speed Cameras, ITS, Vehicle Recovery and Incident Management

  • Provision of Site Specific Design, Descriptive Methodology and Phasing Documentation

  • Development of site specific Bill of Quantities allowing you to obtain consistent, accurate prices from your TTM Sub Contractors.

  • Procurement and onboarding of TTM supply chain

Following successful award, our services can be packaged up for handover to your preferred delivery contractors, but our engagement does not have to stop there. We have huge experience in Project Management and Scheme Delivery, and with multiple schemes already successfully delivered, full term procurement of our Project Management Services should always be considered. 

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Management and Delivery of a modern project is no longer restricted to arranging basic lane closures. Temporary Traffic Management has become one of the single largest entities on all Highway Interface Schemes with emphasis on compliance, public/road user engagement, Highways Authority and Stakeholder liaison, Sub-contractor Package Management and lots more. With Major Projects TTM scheme budgets making up on average around 10-12% of overall scheme budget, its crucial to introduce an experienced Project Management Team.


Our impartial service is built on quality with nothing less than a 100% success rate in delivery.


We’re proud of our achievements and, to date, have delivered multiple schemes from the London Olympics to the Nottingham Tram as well as numerous Smart Motorway projects along with our most recent involvement in the Traffic Management Design for HS2.

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Over the last decade, the Temporary Traffic Management Industry has made radical changes in terms of measurable quality systems and the introduction of rigid health, safety, and environmental standards. To ensure your Traffic Management Sub-Contractors meet the required standard we offer an impartial review of the TTM site by carrying out an Independent Traffic Management Audit.

The audit, which can take place during daylight or night time hours, gives a thorough review of the site extents to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations and gives you peace of mind that the Temporary Traffic Management you are being provided with meets the highest standard of safety for both the on site personnel and the travelling public.

Our Audits, which are recorded on our own bespoke Audit Review Form, highlight any non-conformance, offer a solution to rectify the issue and then allow the actions to be followed up until signed off by the sites S.H.E representative once complete, ensuring a continuous measurable improvement process.

To make use of this service please contact us, email us or call us on 01530 637 637.

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Our Technicians and Consultants have extensive experience of preparing Highway Condition surveys of access roads to developments and construction sites.

We regularly undertake Geo-referenced video drive through surveys of access routes for construction and abnormal load routes before and after transit, to assess liability for remedial work or degradation, providing detailed reports and support.

Virtus - Supporting Safe Synergies between Construction Phase and Highway User.

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